Dream property for sale in Denia, Costa Blanca

Luxury full comfort house located in the middle of orange groves

Luxury property for sale in Denia in the Costa Blanca: front view of the house

Superb property for sale in Denia Torrecarrals in the Costa Blanca in Spain. This luxury house stays in the heart of a green park, within an appraised residential area of Denia, formerly also secondary residence choice of the Spanish royal family.


This prestigious area only consists of at least 5,000 square meters - over one acre properties. Nearly all houses are inhabited all the year by their owners, mostly of international origin. The majority of the properties in Torre Carrals are separated or surrounded by orange groves. All amenities are accessible quickly, in less than five minutes by car: beaches, town, a superb 18 holes golf green with a hotel of international class, accesses to the motorway, commercial centre, etc.

Dream property for sale in Denia, Costa Blanca: side view of the house

The property

The main building is divided into two parts. In the ground floor are garages, workshop, supply area and storeroom, with a lavatory and shower. In the upper floor, you will find the main body with living area of the house. The property additionally offers a second, detached house, allowing to receive guests or to house staff, a large lit swimming pool and a big particularly well fitted summer kitchen. The park is decorated by a pond, approximately 200 m² - 2,100 square feet, with turtles and various species of fish. One of them feeds itself with mosquitos larvæ, preventing in a natural way the proliferation of those. The pond is equipped with a fountain and a cascade allowing its oxygenation.

Luxury property for sale in Denia in the Costa Blanca, Spain: the large swimming-pool of the property

This dream house also offers a fenced kennels with four solid dog houses (approximately 100  m² - 1,000 square feet) and a farmyard with hen house (permanent structure) and a pond, currently accomodating hens and ducks on approximately 1,000 m² - ¼ acre. Two carports, one of which can receive a mobile home, supplement this luxurious property. The construction of a stable with horses or of a tennis court is possible.


The plot is entirely fenced, and the access lane is provided with lighting, as well as the park, where projectors emphasize the most majestic palm trees, and some of the 50 olive-trees. Both houses are fitted with gas central heating, supplied by means of ten large gas bottles in a separate gas house or by a large gas tank (sufficient for two years). The access to this dream property is protected by a remote-controlled gate. (The description continues on the following page).

Denia Torre Carrals, property V-1230
Plot 6,400 m² - 1½ acre
Built area 170 + 70 m² - 1820 + 750 sq. ft.
Bedrooms 2 + 2
Bathrooms 2 + 1
Kitchen 2, summer kitchen
Sitting room 3 + dining room
Storeroom 2 + workshop
Covered terraces 1, glazed
Terraces 4, > 100 m² - 1,000 sq. ft.
Parking garage and carport
Swimming pool 5 × 10 m - 17 × 33 feet
Garden 1
Dist. to the sea 2.5 km - 1½ M.
Built in 1986
Price: EUR 890,000 790,000.- plus taxes and notary

Panoramic view of the property
Dream property for sale in Denia in the Costa Blanca: panoramic view of the house, its pond and the garden
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